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Areas of Expertise

Integra develops and manages results-oriented, innovative strategies for social and economic development. Integra maintains a roster of world class experts with analytical, consultative, and managerial skills in several key areas of expertise, including:


Designing projects, conducting evaluations, and leading risk assessments in the areas of climate change adaptation, low emissions development, biodiversity conservation and sustainable landscapes. Our expertise in this area includes:

Climate Change Mitigation
We design and analyze projects, policies and institutional frameworks for countries to achieve climate change mitigation objectives while meeting sustainable development objectives.

Featured project: USAID’s Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE III) Mid-Term Evaluation

Greenhouse Gas Accounting
We provide technical expertise in greenhouse gas emissions accounting in agriculture, forestry and the land use sector to monitor, design and evaluate climate mitigation and low emissions development projects. We provide training, resources and tools for agencies with GHG accounting requirements.

Featured product: USAID’s AFOLU Carbon Calculator Assessment

Forestry and Biodiversity Conservation
We find opportunities for supporting sustainable alternate livelihoods to protect forests and biodiversity. We identify modern technology and methods to enforce laws against poaching, trafficking, and illegal logging and fishing.

Featured project: USAID’s Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE III) Mid-Term Evaluation


Innovation and Private Sector Development

Integra facilitates the development and use of new ideas, technologies, tools, and approaches that have the potential to contribute substantially to growth. Integra has brought broadband access to millions of people and effectively promoted technology solutions for rural livelihoods around the world. Our expertise in this area includes:

Challenge Competitions
Integra is an industry leader in the management of Challenge Competitions to source innovative science and technology solutions to development challenges. We have a well tested and proven methodology and management approach that has been well regarded by USAID and the wider development community.

Featured product: USAID’s Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge

Leveraging Partnerships for Innovation
Our approach to innovation is the cultivation of non-traditional public-private partnerships. We have connected governments with tech companies, as well as innovators with government agencies, non-government organizations, private corporations, and investors.

Featured project: USAID’s Indonesia Rural Broadband TV White Space Pilot

Scaling and Business Planning
We support organizations to accelerate the development and deployment of products and/or technology solutions through our scale advisors, acceleration boot camps, and tailored technical assistance.

Featured project: USAID’s Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge


Development Analytics

Integra uses the term “Development Analytics” to refer to activities that contribute knowledge to the development practice and help to make that knowledge more usable to the community. It consists of activities that assess country and sector needs, evaluate the tools of the development profession, and increase the diffusion of knowledge to practitioners. Our expertise in this area includes:

Institutional Reform Diagnostics
The Institutional Architecture diagnostic provides a framework for analyzing a country’s capacity to undertake policy change by identifying implementation barriers, designing policy options, and coordinating actions across public and private institutions.

Featured project: USAID’s Institutional Architecture for Policy Reform

Applied Political Economy Assessments
Political Economy Assessment (PEA) is a field-research methodology used to understand the political drivers of or constraints to change. PEAs can be used to explain how power is used to manage resources, and is valuable for exploring the phenomenon of political will (or lack thereof), a commonly cited factor undermining reform processes.

Featured project: USAID’s Biodiversity and Extractives Political Economy Assessment

Enabling Environments Analysis
We utilize a number of well-tested methodologies to identify and address key policy, legal, regulatory and institutional constraints to economic growth. These include the Commercial Legal and Institutional Reform (CLIR) diagnostic and the Inclusive Growth Diagnostic (Constraints Analysis) methodology.

Featured project: MCC’s Niger Threshold Program

Sector Assessments
We develop nuanced understandings of market trends and sector characteristics in order to identify opportunities for impactful development intervention.

Featured project: USAID’s Guatemala ICT Assessment

Monitoring and Evaluation
Agriculture and Food Security

Integra’s expertise in agricultural and food security is built around credible data and evidence-based analysis, the adoption of innovative approaches and technology, and sustainable policy and institutional reform. Our expertise in this area includes:

Market and Value Chain Analysis
Our approach to understanding markets and value chains is rooted in four key elements: an understanding of key market and trade trends; an assessment of key players along the value chain; a risk and resilience assessment; and an analysis of the key policy, legal, and institutional constraints to increased value chain growth.

Featured project: MCC’s Philippines Agricultural Markets Assessment

Agricultural Technology and Innovation
We focus on the key barriers and incentives to agricultural technology adoption and innovation. Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional economic narrative to include an understanding of social / cultural dynamics and the enabling environment. processes.

Featured project: USAID’s Adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa

Agriculture Policy and Institutional Reform
Whether it is smallholder farmers or multinational agribusinesses, a stable and predictable environment for doing business is vital to growth. Policies, laws, regulations, and institutions can shape this environment, fostering or stifling the start up and operation of farms and agribusiness. Integra helps policymakers analyze key barriers to growth and implement sustainable reforms.

Featured project: USAID’s Institutional Architecture Metrics for National Agricultural Investment Plans


Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The ICT sector is growing rapidly in many developing countries, and ICTs have shown great potential for improving firm productivity and enabling better social outcomes in health, education, and public governance. Integra has helped facilitate access to broadband for over 4.7 million people. Our expertise in this area includes:

Increasing Access to Rural Broadband
We coordinate projects with multiple public and private stakeholders, providing effective management and communications and ensuring results are achieved.

Featured project: USAID’s Nigeria Universal Service Fund

National Broadband Policy and Institutional Strengthening
We assist governments in setting national strategic broadband goals, designing effective policies, gaining buy-in from public and private stakeholders, designing effective policies based on evidence-based analysis, and implementing these policies. To date, we have helped program over $3 billion in public and private funds.

Featured project: USAID’s Indonesia Broadband Plan Support Activity

Using ICT for Effective Knowledge Management
We ensure that a project’s lessons are not just widely shared, but also stored in a way that they can be conveniently accessed and used by incorporating professionally designed web interfaces, interactive media, and modern communications campaigns.

Featured project: USAID’s Global Broadband Innovations (GBI)