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Contract Vehicles

Integra holds three prime contract vehicles to provide technical assistance through USAID and MCC, in the areas of ICT4D, development analytics, economic growth, environment and natural resource management, agriculture, and food security. Through these vehicles, we conduct strategic and operational analyses, design and implement organizational management solutions, and build effective partnerships with global and local, and public and private organizations. In addition, Integra is also a member to several consortia under other contract vehicles. For more information on current vehicles, please select a vehicle below:

USAID Climate Integration Support Facility (CISF) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
 CISF is the Agency’s new flagship climate risk management (CRM) program designed to ensure the resiliency of USAID development activities. This five-year, multi-award contract has an overall ceiling price of $49.9 million to provide technical and advisory services to USAID Bureaus and Missions, to integrate climate risk considerations into all of their strategies, projects, and activities globally. Under CISF, Integra is responsible for delivering targeted technical assistance through climate risk screening and assessments, with focused adaptation and mitigation planning across the full spectrum of development sectors (e.g., agriculture, livelihoods, renewables, public health, water and sanitation, urban planning). CISF will produce country, regional, and program-level climate risk profiles; trainings and facilitation for USAID staff, city planners, and other key stakeholders; and the development of tools and methodologies designed to assess potential climate risks and selection of appropriate adaptation strategies. Integra will work with E3/GCC in its role to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of CRM implementation across the agency. To meet the wide range of services anticipated under CISF, Integra has assembled a team of world-class partners:

To learn more about how Integra can support USAID under the CISF BPA please view our capabilities here.

USAID Restoring the Environment through Prosperity, Livelihoods and Conserving Ecosystems (REPLACE) IDIQ
REPLACE is a five year Indefinite Quantity, Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) contract , created to support US foreign assistance objectives in the area of natural resources. With a shared ceiling of $700 million, REPLACE will be a primary vehicle for the remainder of the decade for the acquisition of professional services to USAID in a wide range of topics including: environmental services to USAID Missions, climate adaptation, sustainable forests and landscapes, coastal zone management, biodiversity conservation, food security, governance, institution building and sustainable economic growth. Please click here to read more about our experience and capabilities in each of the aforementioned areas. The Integra Consortium Integra’s REPLACE Consortium is organized to address the complex interaction between the environment, the economy, and society. Integra brings a suite of analytical, technical and social tools to bear of these problems, supported by a strong team of technical partners. The Integra Consortium provides fresh perspectives and innovative responses to the world’s emerging environment and natural resource management challenges. We bring solid capacity building, organizational development, project management and monitoring and evaluation skills to our biodiversity and natural resource management approach. Our consortium includes the following team members:

To learn more about how Integra can support USAID under the REPLACE IDIQ, please view our capabilities here.

USAID Global Broadband and Innovations (GBI) Program
As institutional contractors to USAID’s Office of Energy and Infrastructure, Integra strengthens USAID’s position globally in the ICT for Development (ICT4D) sphere through the:

  • Building and maintenance of a global ICT4D portal with 11 sectoral subdomains, active blogs, and a document repository holding thousands of references.
  • Production of a series of “Tech Talks” within USAID focusing on various ICT applications in development. The aim was to expose Washington bureaus to new applications for ICT that would be relevant to their development projects.
  • Development of an assessment methodology to evaluate the ICT enabling environment in a country, and implemented it in Guatemala and Colombia, among others.
  • Creation and implementation worldwide of a system to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of telecommunications universal service funds. We also refined and promulgated a 9-step system for universal service fund development.
  • Management of a relationship with Intel Corporation that led to the co-hosting of 10 workshops around the world on universal access to broadband over a four- year period.
GSA Professional Services Schedule
Integra holds a GSA OOCORP Professional Services Schedule (PSS) (GS-10F-083CA). This government-wide, multiple award schedule contract enables Integra to provide a full range of consulting and business program support services to federal agencies. The vehicle is accessible to all federal agencies who may place orders directly with Integra. The schedule recognizes Integra as an authorized supplier for Special Item Numbers 874-1 (Integrated consulting services), 874-7 (integrated business program support services), and 899-1 (environmental consulting services). Interested parties can view all relevant contract information here.
MCC Threshold and Compact Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
In June 2013, Integra was awarded a Threshold and Compact Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to support the worldwide missions of Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Department of Policy and Evaluation (DPE) and Department of Compact Operations (DCO). The five-year agreement allows MCC to tap Integra’s expertise in the following areas:

  • Growth Diagnostics and Constraints Analysis
  • Program design in the area of legal, business, and regulatory environment reform
  • Sector-specific analyses that identify the policy constraints to sector growth.
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Public sector capacity building, including strategic planning, public-private partnerships, organizational and training interventions.
  • Economic analysis – including distributional welfare analysis, sensitivity analysis, and cost benefit analysis.
  • Trade, private sector development, and export promotion
  • Social and Gender analysis and project implementation, to include gender integration plans, gender analysis, training, and program development.

Integra won this BPA in large part due to its successful work with MCC in the area of Constraints Analysis in Niger in 2012, and its large pool of recognized experts in the above areas. We look forward to supporting MCC projects around the world under this contract vehicle.

REPLACE IDIQ Subcontractor to Engility

Integra is a member of the Engility consortium under the REPLACE IDIQ. For more information on this contract vehicle please click on the REPLAC IDIQ drop down above.

MCC BPA Subcontractor to CARANA Corporation

Integra is a member of the Carana Corporation consortium under the MCC BPA. For more information on this contract vehicle, please see MCC’s Blanket Purchase Agreement above.

Water and Development IDIQ (WADI) Subcontractor to Engility

Integra is a member of the Engility consortium under the WADI IDIQ. Under WADI the consortium will provide a range of technical services, including multi-year projects, to USAID/Washington bureaus and USAID missions worldwide. The focus of this work will be to promote food security and advance development through improvements to water, supply, sanitation and hygiene, and the sound management of water.

Youth Power (implementation) Subcontractor to DAI

Integra is a member of the DAI consortium under the Youth Power IDIQ. Designed to bring USAID’s Youth in Development Policy to life—emphasizing youth engagement and cross-sector collaboration, while approaching youth holistically in the context of their families, communities, and countries—YouthPower will tackle diverse design and implementation issues, with a lens on young people as decision makers and problem solvers.

Monitoring and Evaluation IDIQ Subcontractor to AMEX

Integra is a member of the AMEX consortium under the Monitoring and Evaluation IDIQ.

Making Cities Work IDIQ Subcontractor to RTI

Integra is a member of the RTI consortium under the the Making Cities Work IDIQ. Making Cities Work aims to improve urban and local governance worldwide through short-term and long-term technical services and capacity building in the areas of public service delivery with an emphasis on transportation, water, and sanitation; autonomy, transparency, responsiveness and accountability of urban and local government; environmental management; disaster preparedness, response, and recovery; and urban and local government finance, creditworthiness, and borrowing. The RTI-led consortium includes leading institutions advancing evidence-based approaches to address the challenges of urbanization. They engage national and subnational governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector in demand-driven solutions that change regulations and practices to reduce insecurity, poverty and environmental degradation.

Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) Pro Subcontractor to Mendez England and Associates

Integra is a member of the Mendez England and Associates consortium under the HICD Pro IDIQ. Under this five-year contract the consortium will provide USAID Bureaus and Missions throughout the world with a wide range of services and technical support related to human and institutional capacity development (HICD).

Support which Implements Fast Transition (SWIFT IV) Resource Firm to RTI International

Integra is a resource firm to the RTI International consortium under the SWIFT IV IQC. The objective of this IQC is to provide the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) with the means to support U.S. foreign policy objectives by helping local partners advance peace and democracy in priority countries in transition. OTI’s program team, comprised of OTI and contractor personnel, will work on the ground to provide fast, flexible, short-term assistance targeted at key political transition and stabilization needs.

This IQC is divided into two sub-IQCs that will share the overall IQC ceiling. Integra will act as a resource firm to RTI under Sub-IQC A, supporting transition programs in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean.