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Integra Supports Fiji REDD+ Readiness Through the Development of a Feedback Grievance Mechanism


The Government of Fiji’s effort to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) requires a mechanism for responding to complaints, disputes, and grievances arising from the readiness and implementation phases of the Fiji National REDD+ Programme. The Ministry of Fisheries and Forests, with funding from the World Bank, awarded Integra a contract in September 2017 to develop a feedback and grievance redress mechanism (FGRM) for all stakeholders in the National REDD+ Programme.

The purpose of this FGRM consultancy is to advise the Fiji REDD+ Programme on the design of a consistent, legitimate process to receive feedback and address conflicts that arise from the REDD+ readiness process and subsequent implementation of REDD+ activities. Integra’s team is providing expertise in REDD+ and climate change policy, environmental governance and resource management, national capacity building, grievance redress and dispute resolution, indigenous and customary land rights, and innovations for communication solutions for communities to design and implement the FGRM for Fiji REDD+. The design of FGRM follows key principles and guidance, including the United Nations’ “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework, World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)/Safeguard Polices (10+1), the Fijian Constitution (2013) and the nation’s written laws and regulations regarding indigenous rights, and use appropriate and accessible methods that are suited to local and national needs.

With a focus on compliance and donor requirements and with a respect to the agreements of the UNFCCC, Integra has completed the first phase of the FGRM – an assessment of modes and means of grievance redress mechanisms (GRM) and institutions in Fiji. As of January, 2018 Integra has:

  1. Identified and analyzed legislation and policies that impacts REDD+.
  2. Analyzed Fiji’s existing institutional capacity and mechanisms used to respond to and resolve conflict.
  3. Identified existing and potential grievances and conflicts that may arise as a result of REDD+.

During the next phase of the consultancy, Integra will design an FGRM for REDD+ that will take into consideration both formal and informal networks for redress. The design process will include strategic choices based on purpose and functionality of the FGRM, as well as integrating the mechanism into the National REDD+ Strategy and the development of a training and communication plan.

Integra is also working alongside other Fiji REDD+ Readiness activities, to support the National REDD+ Strategy that defines and details social and environmental safeguards (SESA); monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of carbon emissions reductions; and identify drivers of deforestation in Fiji.