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U.S. Department of State’s FACTS Info System Evaluation

Integra conducted a performance and technical evaluation of the implementation of the Foreign Assistance Coordination and Tracking System (FACTS Info) Next Generation (NextGen) project, instituted by the Office of US Foreign Assistance Resources (F). FACTS Info serves as the central information system for all foreign assistance budgeting, operational planning, and performance management processes overseen by F and stands at the nexus of F and operating units worldwide. It is used to create, store, and analyze budgets, Operational Plans, performance information for Department and USAID analysis, and for reports to OMB and Congress. The current FACTS system has more than 2,000 active user accounts.

The FACTS Info NextGen project had an initial deployment planned to begin in January 2014. Because of the cyclical nature of budgeting, if the implementation is not complete before the creation of the next budget cycle, all users cannot migrate and begin to use the NextGen system on time. This had happened for two cycles now, leading to an 18 month delay in the rollout of NextGen and low confidence among stakeholders for an on-schedule deployment.

Integra, in partnership with Sonjara, Inc., examined the technical and management factors that may have contributed to these delays. Integra also recommended practical solutions to help officials in USAID and F to make the necessary changes in governance and technology to regain confidence of the executive stakeholders in the current implementation schedule of NextGen.