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Integra Government Services International, LLC is a professional services firm that focuses on economic and institutional development matters worldwide. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Integra provides technical and managerial expertise to clients on matters related to economic development through trade, investment, the application of science and technology (including information and communications technologies), improved business enabling environments, and enterprise and institutional development.

Integra is pursuing a USAID opportunity focused on the integration of Climate Risk Management into the design and implementation of USAID programs and activities. Climate risk management represents a significant shift in the way USAID programs development assistance, and will require building technical capacity across all regions where USAID works, as well as new analysis and learning. The purpose of this activity is to provide support for climate risk management and climate change integration, providing opportunities for USAID to build capacity and learn from experiences in implementing CRM. The activity may also be used to support focused adaptation, clean energy and sustainable landscapes programming.

Position Description

Integra is looking for several technical positions:

Project Manager

The Project Manager must possess knowledge and experience in providing strategic direction, vision, leadership and program management to the team. Duties may include planning, scheduling and overseeing the overall program as well as directed and coordinating various project tasks. The Project Manager also maintains a productive and effective client relationship with the most senior levels of the client organization. They must also have technical skills relevant to the specific delivery order in question. They should also hold technical expertise relevant to the Delivery Order in question.

Climate Information Specialist

The Climate Information Specialist must be experienced with the application of climate information to inform action and familiar with managing uncertainty of climate information in areas with poor historical data. This individual must have experience in applying predictive models to decision making, and substantial technical expertise with demonstrated experience in developing countries, as well as the application of climate information to development challenges in various sectors. Preference for experience with applying predictive modeling, including global circulation modeling and downscaling techniques.

Evaluation Specialist

Evaluation Specialists provide support in planning, executing, managing, and disseminating evaluations and assisting USAID OUs in developing and applying monitoring and evaluation frameworks for climate risk management. This may include special studies and assessments not considered evaluations by USAID’s Evaluation Policy. Evaluation specialists with experience with climate risk management or climate change monitoring and evaluation are preferred. Experience or familiarity with gender-sensitive indicators is preferred.

GIS Specialist

The GIS specialist provides GIS support and analysis to achieve results of Purchase Orders under this award. The GIS Specialist must possess knowledge and experience in the development, support and maintenance of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) systems and applications, network operating systems as well as workstation and peripheral configurations. Specific duties may include manipulating and entering GIS data, performing moderate level data queries, developing appropriate information presentations and maintaining metadata information. The individual may also possess experience with broad range of GIS application areas such as planning, flood mitigation/flood zones, archeology, parcel mapping and emergency management.

Grant/Contract Specialist

The Grant/Contract Specialist manages financial systems and oversees administrative contractual requirements both sub-awards and with USAID. S/he follows policies and prepares documents and files for review and ultimate award by the designated Contracting/Grant Officer. The Grant/Contract Specialist will monitor and handle the administrative and programmatic aspects of the grant implementation and coordinate with USAID to ensure compliance of terms and conditions of the grant in tight coordination with USAID program units. Also manages sub-contracts.

Administrative Specialist

The Administrative Specialist will provide administrative, logistical and operational support. They may be required to conduct research, obtain documents, handle logistics for travel, training and other events, arrange travel, schedule meetings, provide administrative and program management support, prepare project related correspondence, and implement other administrative tasks necessary to meet objectives.

Training Specialist

The Training specialist is an instructional expert who works with the technical experts to provide advice on instructional methods for preparing and delivering training workshops, computer-based training, and other venues. Also assists in the development of training material, scheduling and administration of events, training of instructors, and production of participant material. Specialists with experience in or familiarity with gender-sensitive training are preferred.

Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) Specialist

The KMC Specialist will be responsible for assessing knowledge management and communication needs, identifying and implementing appropriate knowledge management and communication activities and programs, including web-based applications as well as other print media. They should have a combination of relevant experience such as: 1) knowledge management and communication products for print and online, including professional writing, editing, production, and management for print, and professional writing, editing, production, and management experience for online media including Web, Web 2.0 and social media technologies, such as wikis and blogs; 2) developing and managing content, especially online content management; 3) adult education or theory, including adult education media and technologies; 4) familiarity with basic usability interface concepts and practices (especially for database design) and familiarity with Google docs (or other cloud technologies); 5) other relevant experience such as video production, news judgment, email marketing, visual communication, information graphics, and graphic design. All Specialists should have some experience developing communication/KM products for development or environmental issues, with experience communicating on climate change adaptation or risk management highly preferable.

Information Technology Specialist

IT Specialist will provide support in developing online long distance training, knowledge management solutions, and communications materials. A combination of relevant skills is required: 1) Experience with Drupal; 2) experience in supporting or supervising support for multiple platforms and programming languages; 3) experience working with large online databases and usability interface questions; 4) developing and programming web-based interactive communications and social media tools (principally websites, wikis, and basic online databases, other social media applications).

Technical Editor/Writer

The Technical Editor/Writer will work with other team members to produce technical reports and assessments, training materials, and other communication materials. Relevant degrees for this field include English, journalism, communications, or a relevant technical field as listed in the SME project description.

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

The graphic designer/illustrator works with the technical editor/writer and other team members to produce illustrations, presentations and other graphics to improve the quality of communication. Relevant degrees for this field include graphic design, communication design, interaction design or a relevant technical field as listed in the SME project description.

Research Assistant

The Research Assistant supports SMEs in collecting and analyzing data, doing research or field work, writing, conducting surveys or other tasks as necessary. They should have expertise in a relevant field including, but not limited to: climate change adaptation, economics, engineering, agriculture, gender, water, sanitation, disaster management, health, ecosystems, coastal management, infrastructure, urban planning, governance, natural resources management, forestry law, and energy.

Additionally, Integra is looking for sectoral expertise as it relates to climate risk and integration.

SMEs should have expertise in climate change, and in particular climate risk assessment methodologies, evaluation of adaptation options and approaches for their respective sectors. Relevant subjects include, but are not limited to: climate change adaptation, economics, engineering, agriculture, gender, water, sanitation, disaster preparedness and management, health, ecosystem services, coastal and marine management, infrastructure, urban planning, governance, natural resources management, forestry law, and renewable energy and energy efficiency.

To Apply

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and CV to Please include specific technical assistance job title in the subject line of the e-mail. No phone calls please. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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