Niger Threshold Program

Integra's Eric White, in Niger, providing analytical services. Here he is with colleagues from MCA-Niger.

Eric White, Integra’s Managing Associate and Lead Economist, with colleagues of MCA-Niger.

In 2012, Integra provided analytical services to the QED Group LLC and to the Nigerien government in support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Policy Constraints Analysis of Niger. The objective of this analysis was to identify “binding constraints” to economic growth, and diagnose weaknesses in the economic and institutional environments that allow those constraints to persist.

Project Description

As a subcontractor to the QED Group, Integra conducted research and held interviews in Niamey, while working closely with MCA Niger and with MCC in Washington. Integra also trained MCA Niger staff on the Constraints Analysis methodology. Integra’s Constraints Analysis experts worked with QED and MCA-Niger to identify the “binding constraints” to economic growth.

Project Results

In collaboration with MCC, Integra drafted the majority of the report and submitted a final version in December. This study was a necessary part of Niger’s application for a Threshold Program with MCC, and served as the basis upon which the  MCC Board decided, in December 2012, to make Niger eligible to negotiate a Compact. It is currently being used as a basis of program development.

The Constraints Analysis methodology, also called Growth Diagnostics, is in growing use among several donors, including USAID, the World Bank, and MCC. For more information about Integra’s expertise in this area, please visit our Development Analytics webpage.