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MCC’s Agricultural Markets Assessment for the Philippines

Loan 1564: Rural Infrastructure Sector Project (Bac Giang, Lang Son)Integra was awarded an agricultural markets assessment project from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) under Integra’s GSA schedule. The assessment and subsequent value/supply chain analysis will identify agricultural products from the Philippines with high potential for return on future investment.

In summary, the project consists of the following three tasks:

  1. Conduct a market assessment that analyzes the current market and identifies future opportunities for agricultural products produced and exported from the Philippines;
  2. Perform a value and supply chain analysis of selected agricultural products demanded on a domestic, regional and global scale;
  3. Recommend high potential value chains and their constraints for further analysis, as well as a methodology for how to do so.

This Philippines Market Assessment will take place over six months from September 2016 to February 2016. The findings should help the Government of the Philippines identify particular value and supply chains to focus on and support. Further, this project is being conducted concurrently with a separate MCC project, awarded to Integra under MCC’s Finance, Investment and Trade Blanket Purchase Agreement to lead an agribusiness commercial, legal and institutional reform (AgCLIR) diagnostic in order to better understand the enabling environment for agribusiness of the Philippines.