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USAID’s Broadband Partnership of the Americas

In April 2012, President Obama announced that the United States would enter into the Broadband Partnership of the Americas (BPA), to help improve access to broadband and other communications technologies in the Americas. The BPA includes USAID and the Federal Communications Commission, and Integra plays a key role in implementing USAID’s portion of the agenda.

Working with REGULATEL, the association of Latin American telecommunications regulators, we held workshops on relevant topics in broadband and ICT and helped to organize a Universal Access to Broadband working group. We accept requests for technical assistance, and work with national level agencies on broadband planning. We provide research support for the USAID team that manages the BPA, and in this way contribute to the achievement of the overall BPA agenda.

The program model is considered a workable interagency success, so much so that it has been replicated in sub-Saharan Africa.