ICT4D Knowledge Management

Under the GBI Program, Integra has worked hard to provide information, analysis and resources to the USAID community concerning the effective and efficient implementation of information and communication technologies in the development context. Under this mandate, Integra managed two outreach and KM projects, the GBI Portal and the GBI Tech Talks.

GBI Portal

Screenshot of the GBI PortalThe GBI Portal was a multimedia resource portal and social network for development professionals interested in incorporating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into their work. The portal was launched in March 2011 and brought together news, commentary, and updates from the field on cutting edge technologies and their innovative applications to social and economic development. Developed for primarily for USAID, the portal provided sector specific information and resources, as well as targeted information about connectivity, mobile and innovations in development. In addition, the portal provided members a place to meet, network, share their ideas and questions, and form communities of practice.

The site supported nine subdomains, each providing news, analysis and resources on the implementation of ICTs in the following sectors:

    • Agriculture
    • Economic Growth
    • Education
    • Environment and Natural Resources Management
    • Health
    • Humanitarian Assistance
    • Mobile Money
    • Connectivity

Integra recruited, trained and managed a team of guest bloggers and Research & Outreach Associates to provide up to date news and analysis on each of these sectors, and to cull a network of experts and professionals in the field to provide the most reliable and relevant information to the USAID community.

Special projects

ICT4Ag Along the Value Chain

Under the Global Broadband and Innovations (GBI) contract, Integra has been exploring the role of the new technologies along the agricultural value chain for improved resource flow. Throughout our desk research, we have found that there are several discussions, and activities going on with the use of ICTs in agriculture and food security, and others specifically on value chain development. However, little is done to bring the two issues together.

The team has identified and selected over 125 ICT solutions (apps and projects) that apply to the various actors within the agricultural value chain, specifically for this initial stage of the project and has mapped out these tools along the chain.

Interactive USF Map

For the GBI Portal, Integra developed an interactive map to show which countries have Universal Services or Access Funds. Users can click on each country to find out more detailed information on the institutional structure, financial information, and operations of these Funds.

Special Editions

To highlight important events or to focus attention on particular causes, the GBI Portal published several special editions. For each edition, subject specific posts were written for each sector in which USAID is engaged. The following is a highlight of some of the more popular Special Editions:

  • International Women’s Day¬† (March 2011)
  • South Sudan Independence (July 2011)
  • AIDS Awareness Day (December 2011)
  • International Day to Combat Human Trafficking (Dec 2011)
  • International Day of the Rural Woman
  • International Women’s Day (March 2012)

Tech Talks

In addition to the resources made available online, Integra staff developed and implemented a monthly technology focused seminar series titled the GBI Tech Talks. These increasingly popular seminars were open to the USAID community and focused on various topics ranging from working with mobile network operators, to integrating ICTs into environmental development projects. The complete collection of videos and presentations from the Tech Talks are also available online.