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Nigeria Expanded Trade and Transport (NEXTT)

Under USAID/Nigeria’s NEXTT program, Integra is facilitating investment along the LAKAJI West African trade corridor. LAKAJI links the country’s agricultural heartland with its biggest domestic market and busiest container port. A major goal of NEXTT is to increase the flow of goods and services between Lagos, Kano, and the northern border town of Jibiya to enable strong agricultural growth, provide a boost to the economy and offset Nigeria’s reliance on mineral exports.

Integra’s accomplishments along the LAKAJI corridor to date include:

  • Supporting a local entrepreneur to develop an online agricultural trade platform that links local processors with community groups supplying agricultural goods. This has resulted in significant local investment along the corridor.
  • Partnering with a multinational IT company to develop a pilot service that would use artificial intelligence to expand the reach of agricultural extension workers.
  • Providing support to foreign firms offering enterprise IT services geared at small to mid-size African agribusinesses aiming to enter the market, leading to a likely foreign investment of $500, 000 dollars.
  • Working with a private rail operator on a strategy for using ICT to make their operations more efficient.

Currently, Integra is providing advisory services to the LAKAJI Alliance, a corridor stakeholder group established by the NEXTT project, on how best to systematically incorporate ICT into the corridor’s development.

Integra is a sub-contractor to the CARANA Corporation on the NEXTT project.