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USAID’s Peru Digital Divide Study

For Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Integra implemented a four-step program of support to FITEL – the national Fund for Investment in Telecommunications. The program focused primarily on demand promotion, and consisted of a diagnostic study on low demand for broadband services in Peru, a review of international best practices on broadband promotion, an analysis of the effectiveness of FITEL programs, and recommendations for moving forward.

To diagnose the causes of low demand, Integra used desk research, interviews, and a nationally representative household survey on the topic. It concluded that the biggest demand gap existed among lower-income urban dwellers, not those in rural areas. This finding had a major implication for demand-stimulation programs. Our review of international best practice and FITEL programs was facilitated by our expert team of telecommunications consultants, and combined, our recommendations proved extremely valuable to the client.