Position: Water Management Subject Matter Experts


Location: Global

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Activity Description

The USAID/Asia Technical Service (TS) office has requested assistance in presenting the findings of the Contributions of High Asia Run-off from Ice and Snow (CHARIS) project, run by the University of Colorado at Boulder, to a wider audience.  The technical team will conduct in depth desk research to inform capacity building and training materials for wider dissemination of CHARIS’ findings, working with stakeholders in Central Asia, such as regional institutions, government agencies, national institutions and other actors including dam and hydroelectric power plant operators.  Working closely with USAID, the AEO team will determine the best methodologies for disseminating the information, with each training building upon the lessons learned of the previous one.  The research will focus initially on Tajikistan and with the option to expand to other Central Asian countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and potentially Kazakhstan.  

This will be approached through a two-step process.  The AEO team will work with counterparts in Central Asia to first produce a desk review of CHARIS’ findings and other available data.  The next step will be the design and presentation of virtual trainings and capacity building activities based on the findings of the desk review.  The team will work with communications and training experts and USAID to design and implement the workshops, which may include webinars, videos, or virtual presentations.  A potential extension of the work may involve conducting workshops in other Central Asian countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and potentially Kazakhstan.


Specific Consultant Roles

We are looking for a team that can speak to the economic, social and health benefits of low glacial runoff in the region, capturing the effects on hydropower output, as well as on agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism and recreation, among others.  Integra seek candidates with expertise in the following technical sectors: Water Management, Hydrology and/or Hydropower.  

We expect this desk review to be a part time contract, over the span of six (6) months, with the understanding that the period of performance may change due to extenuating circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic.  As this activity will not involve travel, we are looking specifically for researchers with experience in water management in the Central Asia region.



To Apply Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and CV to jobs@integrallc.com. Please include “Expert JD Glacier and Water Use Expert” in the subject line of the e-mail. No phone calls please. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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