Delivers Phase 1 of Evaluation Services for MCC’s Green Prosperity Project in Indonesia

In late July 2019, Integra’s evaluation team made the first of three trips to Indonesia to collect data, speak with stakeholders, and design three separate performance evaluations for the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Green Prosperity Project.


Totaling $313 million over five years, the Green Prosperity Project was designed to increase productivity, reduce reliance on fossil fuels by expanding renewable energy, and reduce land-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Under the project, this was to be done through the improvement of land use practices and better management of natural resources. Particularly in Indonesia, a country with a large forest-dwelling population, developing alternative land-use mechanisms is an essential part of safeguarding the future wellbeing of the diverse population. Divided into five portfolios – partnership grants; community-based natural resources management; renewable energy; technical assistance and project preparation; and the Green Knowledge activity (a knowledge-sharing component) – the Green Prosperity Project developed and implemented solutions for some of Indonesia’s key environmental issues. This included the development of participatory land use and planning mechanisms as well as a grant financing facility aimed at funding renewable energy initiatives throughout the country.


Integra is currently in the process of evaluating the successes and impact of facility grants within the renewable energy and community-based natural resources management portfolios. Our on-grid renewable energy team, led by Matthew Addison, is focused on the impact made by on-grid renewable energy projects financed by the GP Grant Facility. Our social forestry team, led by Scott Bode, is conducting an evaluability assessment of the project’s efforts in developing community-engaged forest management (‘social forestry’) processes. Finally, our peatlands rehabilitation team, led by Corey Nelson, is assessing the performance of peatland rehabilitation efforts. These efforts will continue through submission of the final report, estimated for completion in January 2020.

Integra is conducting this evaluation on behalf of the Millennium Challenge Corporation. For more information about this assignment, please visit the project page here.

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