Egypt Private Sector Landscape Assessment




Egypt Private Sector Landscape Assessment

In January 2020, USAID/Egypt requested assistance from the Integrq LEAP III team for the execution of a Private Sector Landscape Assessment (PSLA). The goal of the PSLA was to systematically examine opportunities and approaches to solve key development challenges by leveraging private sector resources and expertise. It is intended to serve as a resource both in current PSE efforts and to enable the Mission to define longer term engagement goals and potential opportunities through its upcoming CDCS. In March 2020, LEAP III began mobilizing a team, conducting desk research, and developing a draft list of targeted companies to interview in-person in Cairo, Alexandria and Upper Egypt. Integra traveled to Cairo to meet with Mission staff in-person to conduct an in-brief with the front office and consultations with technical teams. The primary goal of these consultations was to share the draft list of target companies and get feedback on the approach to the PSLA. The team was scheduled to begin private sector interviews the last week of March. However due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the project was temporarily put on hold due to the potential threats of COVID-19 to the Integra team’s health and safety, private sector actors in the region would be occupied with emergency response and in-person meetings would be difficult to schedule. The assessment will resume once the COVID-19 situation becomes clearer and international travel is permitted again.

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