MCC’s AgCLIR Diagnostic in the Philippines




MCC’s AgCLIR Diagnostic in the Philippines

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) selected Integra to conduct an AgCLIR Diagnostic in the Philippines. The AgCLIR diagnostic provides a comprehensive method to diagnose the root causes and inefficiencies of an underperforming agriculture and agribusiness sector in the Philippines. An analysis of the pertinent legal framework, implementing institutions, supporting institutions, and social and market dynamics shall provide the basis of a detailed report that reveals major cross-cutting themes, priorities, and opportunities for reforms across identified value chains. A key objective of this approach is to narrow the elements that matter most for improving competitiveness across value chains and for unlocking the greatest potential for economic growth. The AgCLIR diagnostic intends to inform the second Philippines Compact that MCC is developing with the Government of the Philippines, which focuses on issues of market failures in the rural economy.

This AgCLIR diagnostic was conducted by Integra over the course of a year and in two phases. The first phase included the main diagnostic, while the second phase dove into three of the reform areas identified during phase one. The findings of this work were intended to help the Government of the Philippines to understand the enabling environment for agribusiness within the country. Further, this project was conducted concurrently with a separate MCC project, awarded to Integra under Integra’s GSA Schedule, to conduct an agricultural markets assessment, as well as a value and supply chain analysis, to help the Government identify which agricultural products it should support and focus on.

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