Performance Evaluation of USAID/Vietnam’s Environment Remediation of Da Nang Airport




Performance Evaluation of USAID/Vietnam’s Environment Remediation of Da Nang Airport

The Integra LEAP III team was tasked with undertaking an independent assessment of the project’s overall effectiveness in addressing dioxin-contaminated soil and sediment, as well as documenting the benefits of USAID/MND cooperation on the project. This engagement included an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the methods used to remediate the dioxin. Recognizing the political sensitivities of the project, Integra rapidly assembled a team of economists and remediation experts from non-U.S. countries with experience in environmental remediation and rigorous evaluation. The Performance Evaluation of USAID/Vietnam’s Environmental Remediation Project at Danang Airport found that the project had achieved its goal of remediating dioxin-contaminated areas but underestimations of soil and sediment volumes requiring additional treatment added to project implementation costs. Still, the project provided numerous benefits to Vietnam. Nearly 30 hectares of remediated land, once off-limits, can now be used for economic development. People living near the airport are benefiting immediately from the reduced potential for exposure to dioxins, and the capacity of Vietnamese personnel trained by the project has been significant. Integra anticipates that the identification of these lessons will contribute to more impactful, subsequent remediation activities in Vietnam. In the near term, findings from Integra’s evaluation will enhance USAID efforts in the upcoming dioxin remediation efforts at Bien Hoa airport.

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