Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Vietnam – Health Migration Assessment




Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Vietnam – Health Migration Assessment

USAID/Asia Bureau asked the Integra AEO team to conduct a study of internal migration in Asia. The purpose was to: 1) better understand the factors driving internal migration in Asia; and 2) determine if countries can put systems in place to track and better anticipate such internal migration movements over the next 20 years. The AEO team broke down the study into two phases: scoping and in-depth research. The scoping phase looked into available data sources to help focus the analysis. Based on the findings that came out of an initial scoping phase, the second phase dug deeper into focus countries. This allowed for more in-depth research to explore regional trends, scales and patterns of migration for the specific country, the reasons why individuals or families migrate, the linkages between internal and external migration, or the impact of internal migration on access to and provisions of services. Integra further explored opportunities to strengthen social systems to be more responsive to the Global Action Plan on the Health of Refugees and Migrants and provide continuous health, education, and economic benefits to migrants and their families.

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