Integra Awarded $19 Million USAID LEAP III

Integra is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Learning, Evaluation, and Analysis Project (LEAP III), released by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment.

LEAP III provides a mechanism for USAID field missions and bureaus to easily and cost-effectively access rigorous, independent, and high-quality analytical services to support economic and policy analyses, strategy and project design, monitoring and evaluation, training, and knowledge management.

All too often, economic growth is constrained by poorly designed policies, making it difficult for both local entrepreneurs and international businesses to operate in the developing world. Whether flawed government regulation or inefficiently designed value chains, these types of structural obstacles have proven to be a key hindrance to achieving robust and sustainable economic growth.

Designed as a demand-driven project, LEAP III will provide field support for analytical services as requested by USAID Missions, Bureaus and Operating Units, providing a vehicle for USAID to support partner governments, civil society counterparts, and capacity-building among its staff,. Assistance will be provided across all sectors, including economic growth, agriculture, education, women’s empowerment, environment, and infrastructure. Under LEAP III, Integra and its partners will provide a variety of analytical services to USAID and its partners, including, but not limited to: cost-benefit analysis, public financial management analysis, performance and impact evaluations, and inclusive growth diagnostics.

To meet the high demand of USAID missions spread around the globe, Integra has assembled a team of world-class partners, including Limestone Analytics, Bixal Solutions, and Palladium International to assist in the implementation of LEAP III. Together, we look forward to improving development programming by providing USAID and its partners with high-quality analytical and evaluative services.

For more information, please contact the LEAP III Chief of Party, Mark Gellerson, at  You may also download our two-page factsheet here

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