Integra Conducts Evaluation of USAID Da Nang Airport Dioxin Remediation Project

Under the Learning, Evaluation, and Analysis Project (LEAP III), Integra is conducting the Performance Evaluation of USAID/Vietnam’s Environment Remediation at Da Nang Airport. The Environmental Remediation at Da Nang Airport Project is part of the United States Government’s (USG) efforts to carry out Agent Orange/dioxin health and remediation activities in Vietnam, in close collaboration with the Government of Vietnam (GVN). The purpose of USG participation in dioxin remediation is to address the legacy of the American-Vietnam war through the reduction of dioxin contamination.

This end of project performance evaluation will obtain an independent, third-party review and evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the project in addressing legacy dioxin-contaminated soil and sediment, and document the benefits of USAID/MND cooperation on remediation of Danang Airport to the region. With this objective in mind, and understanding the political sensitivities surrounding the project, Integra rapidly assembled an environmental remediation evaluation team, including economists and remediation experts from third-party countries with experience dealing with environmental remediation, and rigorous evaluations.

Based on the evaluation’s findings, the evaluation team will develop recommendations for future cooperative efforts addressing legacy dioxin contamination at Bien Hoa Airport, slated to begin at the end of 2018.

LEAP III provides a mechanism for USAID field missions and bureaus to easily and cost-effectively access rigorous, independent, and high-quality analytical services to support economic and policy analyses, strategy and project design, monitoring and evaluation, training, and knowledge management. For more information, please contact the LEAP III Chief of Party, Mark Gellerson, at

You may also download our two-page factsheet here.

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