Integra’s Quality Control Processes

Integra utilizes the following tools for ensuring quality and cost control:

  •  To ensure quality control: Our projects are supported by a home office project management unit (PMU) comprised of managers, project and contract specialists, and accountants, fully trained in client specific procedures, regulations, and financial management. Our PMUs are managed by our Home Office Operations Manager.
  •  To ensure cost control: Financial management at Integra is based on continuous planning, budgeting and internal audit. Financial management practices are fully compliant with the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR). Utilizing Deltek Cost Point Systems, we can monitor burn rates in real time, and provide invoices to USAID based on fixed price, time and materials, and hybrid contracts.
  •  To prevent potential or perceived organizational and individual conflict of interest (OICI), Integra utilizes several mitigation techniques to ensure compliance to the letter and spirit of FAR 9.

These mitigation measures include:

  1.  Initial screening of potentially conflicted personnel
  2.  Ethics training
  3.  Peer review of potentially conflicted staff and consultants
  4.  Self-reporting for potential impaired objectivity, and
  5.  Technical oversight by Integra’s three-person Executive Committee

Client Impact Statement:

The quality of work is exceptional. They deliver reports and other results at scheduled time or early at agreed costs.

– Dr. Yoon Lee, LEAP III COR

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