Kenya/East Africa Trade and Resilience Analysis




Kenya/East Africa Trade and Resilience Analysis

USAID/Kenya and East Africa (KEA) asked the Integra LEAP III team to conduct an analysis of the trade and resilience activities, which the Mission has previously conducted in the region to better understand how they have impacted food security and averted humanitarian assistance. The goal of this analysis was to develop recommendations that would feed the Mission’s learning agenda, thus leading to relevant adaption of existing activities and design of future activities that would improve household, community, and country-level resiliency and food security. Integra conducted a landscape analysis for USAID/KEA to review the existing analytical work on the relationships between trade, resilience, and food security in the region. The team began by completing a comprehensive desk review of the existing literature and analytics surrounding the interactions between regional trade integration, poverty, food security, and resilience in the KEA region. The team also visited Kenya and Uganda to conduct a number of meetings with researchers and policy makers and to attend the Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes conference in Kampala. After completing and submitting the field visit report, the team also submitted the comprehensive desk review summarizing the academic and policy research on trade, food security, resilience, and the relationships between these. In addition, the team submitted a landscape map, which consolidates the findings of the desk review and stakeholder interviews.

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