MCC Niger Threshold Program Design Activity




Niger Threshold Program

Integra led a team that conducted a Policy Constraints Analysis of Niger, the results of which identified binding constraints to economic growth and diagnosed weaknesses in the policy and institutional environment underlying those constraints. Integra’s work, in collaboration with a team at the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), was presented to MCC’s board and contributed to the decision to make Niger Compact-eligible.

As part of our cooperation on the Niger Threshold Program Design, Integra worked with a local staff of eight economists in the Millennium Challenge Account–Niger (MCA-Niger). Each MCA-Niger team member was responsible for one portion of the research and analysis that went into the PCA, and Integra provided each one with mentorship and training on data analysis, the constraints analysis methodology, and presentation of results. Further, Integra worked with senior MCA-Niger staff to identify overall conclusions, and to workshop these with other ministries in the Government of Niger.

Integra was a sub-contractor to The QED Group, LLC on the Niger Threshold Design activity.

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