With a wealth of options available to educators and practitioners alike, here are some of the best inexpensive mobile apps for young professionals and civic groups responsible for moderating the local environment and climate change.



SPARKvue – Winner of Tech & Learning Magazine’s 2010 Award of Excellence, SPARKvue brings real-time measurement, data visualization, and analysis to science education everywhere . Using Bluetooth interface, the application can connect to over 70 PASCO sensors for measuring pH, temperature, force, carbon dioxide levels, and many more. The app can be used by students to inquire, explore, and display data.



Environmental Formulator – Environmental Formulator was created for environmental engineers and contains conversion formulas and 40-area calculations. Major areas covered in the program include: Air Quality, CFC, Cogeneration, Cost Benefit, Beach Pollution, Lake Pollution, River Pollution, Soil Pollution and Waste Conversions.



eChartBook- Environmental Correction Chart Calculator – Designed to replace paper, the eChartBook Mobile offers access to Halliburton’s environmental correction algorithms wherever you are  for a complex array of sensors. The application also includes a number of useful general charts and tools for determining water saturation, borehole salinity, formation dip calculations, and cross plots.

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