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Job Description:

The GIS, Remote Sensing, and Land Information Specialist will serve as a consultant for Integra under the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Togo Threshold Program Advisory Services Contract, referred to as the Togo Threshold Oversight and Support (O&S) Project, to provide technical expertise, oversight, and support to MCC in implementing the Togo Threshold Program (THP). Under this five-year contract, Integra is currently supporting MCC in the preparation for the launch of the Threshold Program, including the preparation of the request for proposals, document reviews, and field missions as requested. When the THP commences, Integra will support MCC in the management and oversight of the Togo Threshold Program, including the review of technical deliverables.

OMCA (L’organisme de la mise en œuvre du Millennium Challenge Account -Togo) is the Togolese independent government body in charge of supervising and managing the implementation of the THP. Technical assistance contractors will be engaged to implement the program. In addition, multiple Togolese ministries and government entities will support the implementation of the Threshold Program.

The Togo Threshold Program consists of two projects: 1) The ICT Project and 2) the Land Reform to Accelerate Agricultural Productivity (LRAP) Project. The objectives of the ICT project are to improve access to high quality, reasonably priced ICT services in Togo via (a) increased competition among existing and future ICT service providers in the sector; (b) the creation and strengthening of an independent regulator that facilitates private sector participation; and (c) targeted investments and incentives, where necessary, to increase service in otherwise unprofitable areas. The LRAP project aims to improve land tenure security and increase investment in the agricultural sector. These goals are accomplished by (1) expanding access to formalized land that results from identifying and legitimizing customary land rights, (2) moving the legitimized rights into the formal system, (3) improving the system and governance that protects legitimate land rights, and (4) making access to land more inclusive by ensuring recognition of women’s rights.

LRAP consists of two key Activities: Activity 1 will support the development of implementing decrees for the new Land Code. Activity 2 will identify and test administrative models and processes that reduce the cost, complexity and constraints associated with the formalization smallholders’ existing customary land rights in rural Togo. Activity 2 will generate evidence-based knowledge on the types of land administration processes and systems that are both feasible and compatible with the new Land Code and the Togolese context. Activity 2 consists of four “land methodologies”, namely:

  • Methodology 1: Identification and mapping of rights relating to plots (identify, map customary land rights);
  • Methodology 2: Management of land information (manage legal and spatial land information at the local level);
  • Methodology 3: Land registration procedures (develop other instruments and procedures, less expensive and less complicated, to guarantee customary land rights);
  • Methodology 4: Management of land conflicts (manage and resolve customary land conflicts).

The knowledge from Activity 2 will inform the content of the implementation decrees developed under Activity 1. The two activities are closely linked and will take place in parallel.

The GIS, Remote Sensing and Land Information Specialist will be part of Integra’s team supporting LRAP. This position will report to the Togo O&S Team Lead and should keep in close contact with the LRAP Team Lead. LRAP will be a fast-moving project with a significant number of deliverables and activities going on simultaneously. Attention to details and managing tight turnaround timelines is key for this position.

In providing the requested services, Integra has assembled a team of experts and is seeking a GIS, Remote Sensing, and Land Information Specialist. The specialist will provide support in regard to land methodology 1 and land methodology 2. The specialist will assist MCC in:

  • Prepare memos for the technical assistance contractor detailing implementation instructions for deliverables, especially related to land methodology 1 and land methodology 2.
  • Review and comment on the technical assistance contractor’s deliverables (outline, draft and final deliverables), especially related to land methodology 1 and land methodology 2.
  • Provide input on documents and assist with other related tasks as needed.
  • Participate in regular meetings and calls as needed.
  • Collaborate and remain in regular communication with the Integra team.

In addition, the expert may be asked to review the qualifications and approach associated with GIS and land information systems provided in the technical proposals of firms that submit bids to become the Technical Assistance contractor for the LRAP project.


  • Master’s degree in RS/GIS, Geo-Informatics, and/or Computer science with application in NRM or Agriculture,
  • At least 5-7 years of experience working with/for MCC, USAID, DFID, the World Bank, or similar international donor organizations. Experience working with MCC is preferred, but not necessary.
  • Demonstrated experience with methodologies and issues for collection of spatial information associated with land property rights, particularly in African countries.
  • Experience or detailed knowledge of affordable and innovative technologies and systems (mobile, Geographic Information Systems, blockchain, Social Tenure Domain Model, Cadasta, etc.) for rural land administration and titling in the African context.
  • Experience or knowledge of affordable and innovative land information management systems in the African context
  • Experience working in Francophone Africa is preferred.
  • Experience working on land reform projects is required.
  • Fluent or proficient in French and proficient in English.
  • Strong ability to work as part of a team, prioritizing and multi-tasking under tight deadlines.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to travel to Lomé, Togo as needed (short-term).

This position provides short-term technical experience over a multi-year period, with an estimated level of effort of 30-40 person-days per year and is a global position.

To Apply, Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and CV to  Please include “GIS, Remote Sensing, and Land Information Expert” in the subject line of the e-mail.  No phone calls please.  Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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