Integra to Facilitate Scenario Planning Training for Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative

15525581730_2433ab6b22_kIntegra is working with the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GBLCC) through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to better integrate science and management to address climate change and other landscape scale issues in the Northwest Basin of the United States. The Great Basin LCC is one of 22 LCCs in the nation.

Integra recently won this contract under its MOBIS schedule, to plan, organize, facilitate a workshop on “Scenario Planning” for GBLCC. During the period of October 2016 to September 2017, Integra will organize a 2-day workshop for around 30 key stakeholders in Oregon, in coordination with GBLCC staff. In advance of the workshop, Integra will conduct a series of webinars or a small number of interviews with key participants to explain some of the basics of the scenario approach and manage expectations of the Steering Committee and to hear about what participants think will drive future change in the region. In addition, Integra will also work with GBLCC staff to prepare key information on climate projections, survey of current strategies, and revise existing analyses for ready use during the workshop. During the workshop, tentatively scheduled for April 2017, Integra will provide full facilitation on the preferred scenarios, pre-selected through webinars and participant interviews. Following the session, Integra will submit a short summary report of the exercises undertaken during the workshop, and a snapshot of the way forward.

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