Meet the Grand Prize Winners of USAID’s Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge!

Creative Commons licenseAs the implementor of USAID’s Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge, Integra is proud to announce that over $900,000 will be awarded to our four Grand Prize Winners to accelerate their solutions to combat wildlife crime. Chosen from 16 elite Prize Winners, these innovators presented truly exceptional and promising innovations that can significantly impact the fight against the illegal trafficking of terrestrial and marine wildlife. The Grand Prize Winners and their solutions, in no particular order include:

  1. New England Aquarium: Automated Shipment Forensics
  2. New York University:  Enforcement Gaps Interface
  3. University of Washington: Genetically Tracking the Illegal Pangolin Trade to Identify Poaching Hotspots
  4. The National Whistleblower Center: The Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program

The Grand Prizes will accelerate and scale these groundbreaking science and tech solutions in the fight against wildlife crime. To learn more about the Grand Prize Winners and each of their solutions, please visit the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge website here.

Further, all of the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge Prize Winners need an active community of supporters to help them stamp out illegal wildlife trade. For more information or to support our winners,  please contact the Challenge at

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