Local Technical Advisor in PNG




Asia, Papua New Guinea


The United States launched a strategy to prevent conflict and promote stability under the Global Fragility Act (GFA) that provides an approach to address instability, which leaves countries vulnerable to malign influences, violent extremists, criminal organizations, and citizens without infrastructure, good governance, and means of economic support. The 10-year Strategy outlines a framework for an integrated U.S. response to global fragility, built around four key goals: prevention, stabilization, partnerships, and management, to help move countries from fragility to stability and from conflict to peace.
The U.S. Embassy in Papua New Guinea developed a ten-year strategy emphasizing locally led solutions and women’s empowerment in coordination with the Papua New Guinean regional and local governments, civil society, private companies, NGOs, and academia. USAID/PNG requested the Integra team to assist in fulfilling the requirements of the GFA program through an in-country expert who provided day-to-day technical support and engagement to the USAID team in Port Moresby.

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