MCC Support for ICT Investment Strategy


2016 - 2019


MCC Support for ICT Investment Strategy

Integra completed Phase 1 and 2 in support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) ICT investment strategy. Starting in June, 2016, Integra’s work is part of a three year, $1.2 million program designed to: (1) develop tools and business processes to identify and assess ICT opportunities, (2) create an ICT sector-based systems dynamic model, (3) and provide due diligence and program development support.

Phase 1 focused on developing tools to identify and assess ICT opportunities. Drawing on its expertise in the ICT sector, the Integra team prepared a Digital Ecosystem paper, describing how developing countries can connect with the global digital infrastructure system. The Integra team developed an ICT focused Typology of Interventions analysis, providing MCC with an understanding of the most likely public sector interventions in the digital space, and identifying any comparative advantage that MCC may have in delivering these.

Concurrently, the Integra Team completed an assessment of core MCC business processes and tools. The team focused on the application of the constraints analysis methodology, and preparation of opportunity and investment analyses that are complementary to ICT sector development.

Under Phase 2, Integra created a systems dynamics model for use by MCC and their country counterparts for ICT interventions. This first-generation model will assist in mapping out the effects of intervention decisions on the sector, on which all components of the ICT ecosystem critically depend.

Integra’s work under Phase 3 involved working with MCC and the Government of Togo on addressing binding constraints of the telecommunications sector, with an emphasis on voice and internet/broadband access, in preparation for a Togo Threshold Program. As part of this assignment, the Integra team teamed up with local consulting firm to conduct a Political Economy Assessment (PEA) in Togo to understand Togo’s ICT environment. The PEA mapped out the national ICT stakeholders that aided the MCC to engage Togolese government leadership as well as both public and private sector leadership in evaluating concepts for ICT sector reform.

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