Kyrgyzstan Inclusive Growth Diagnostic (IGD)




Kyrgyzstan Inclusive Growth Diagnostic (IGD)

The Kyrgyz Republic IGD was designed to help inform strategic decisions on USAID/Kyrgyz Republic mission engagement. The objective of an IGD is to identify the most critical (“binding”) constraint(s) to economic growth (EG) that is both rapid and inclusive and, when possible, to prioritize these binding constraints for development planning purposes. Integra provided two team members from LEAP III who understood the IGD methodology and had experience implementing it via IGDs. Integra experts carried out IGD-related desk research on the Kyrgyz economy, undertook in-country data collection and analysis in March 2019, and contributed to the drafting of a final IGD report. The team found that the binding constraint was weak economic governance related to the uncertain application of the law. The team also undertook a follow-on Activity to identify programs that the Kyrgyz Mission should consider to address the identified binding constraint and carried out further data collection and analysis to produce a short concept note.

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